Team, Event, & Invitational Sign Up

Head Coach Dashboard

After you log in to Scilympiad Socal, you may wish to follow the steps below to (1) register your team, (2) pay registration fees, (3) submit team roster, and sign up for (4) self-scheduled events. Once you have registered and paid for you teams, you can proceed to (5) sign your teams up for Invitational Tournaments. Click on Invitational Signup to view the tournaments offered around the country.

Submit Student/Team Roster

Once you have registered your teams, it is time to submit your team roster. Click on "Submit Student/Team Roster" under Compliance and the following screen will show up. Further instructions are found at the bottom of the page.

  1. Add students manually or import students using csv file. You can perform the following steps once Team #s have been assigned.

  2. Then, (2) add these students to a team. If you have one team, transfer your students to that team. If you have more than one team, move the students to the correct team.

  3. Once you have your students in teams, (3a) assign them to events. You can view the schedule grouped by Teams with your students' name listed under (3b) Event Schedule.

  4. You may be asked to provide (4) Principal Certification of your team.

  5. Instructions can be found under (5) Signed Releases on how to invite parents to submit release forms electronically.