Coach Update


Please remind your students for [M] Gravity Vehicle C, [M] Mission Possible B, and [M] Mousetrap Vehicle B that there are logs/things to submit prior to the tournament (please see the Events and Modifications document). I have moved the deadline to submit them to tomorrow, Thursday.

For [M] Mission Possible B, the ASLs should include pictures of each action in the device. If your students already submitted their ASLs, please ask them to resubmit it with pictures if they did not do so already.



Releases are now available on Scilympiad.

The release should be signed by the parents/legal guardians of the students but not the students themselves, unless the student is 18 years old or older. The coach should go to the Head Coach Dashboard, click on “Release Forms,” and provide the link there to the participants’ parents/legal guardians. Please note that each school has a different link. Parents/legal guardians should be creating an account to sign this form and they should not be using their student’s account to sign this.

Orange County teams must also fill out the OC-specific release form.

To see the list of participants from your teams with completed releases, go to the Head Coach Dashboard, click on “Verifications/Checklist,” and click on “Releases.” If the parents/legal guardians spell their student’s name the same way you did, the system will automatically put a checkmark for “Release Submitted” on the students/team roster. However, if they are different (e.g. Bob vs Bobby), you can still manually check the box under “Release Submitted” on the students/team roster.

Event Updates:

  1. Helicopters B/C: Added an alternative method for two participants to participate (each participant does one flight each).

  2. [M] Algorithms and Heuristics B/C: Additional instructions (including a practice test) have been posted as a link in the Events and Modifications document.

  3. [M] Gravity Vehicle C: Reminder that teams also need a scale to verify the mass of their vehicle.

  4. [M] Mission Possible C: Self-scheduling was done for 15-minute blocks. Teams should show up/join the video call to begin setting up 30 minutes prior to the time that they signed up for.


Reminder that self-scheduling via ESUS (not Scilympiad) closes on February 24 at 11:00 PM. Currently only ~50% of teams have signed up.


Clarifications have closed. All clarifications applicable to the Regional tournament can be found at



Self-scheduling via ESUS opened on Tuesday; currently only about 37% of teams have signed up. As a reminder, it closes on February 24 at 11:00 PM. If you did not receive your login information, please let me know.


The non-scheduled events Digital Structures B/C, Sounds of Music C Written Portion, and Detector Building C require that all teams from the same school compete at the same time. These events do not have a sign up - students will be able to just take the test anytime during the day between 8 AM and 4:20 PM (but all tests will end at 4:20 PM, so students may want to start no later than 3:20 PM).

There are only two events that are self-scheduled in ESUS. All other events are either scheduled (only one time during the day), or non-scheduled (basically 'walk-in'; take anytime with the above restrictions).

Rules Clarifications:

The deadline to request rules clarifications has been moved to tomorrow, February 20 at 11:59 PM. All clarifications will be answered by Monday COB.


Please follow the instructions below so that your students will be able to access the tests on tournament day.

Team Numbers:

All teams have been assigned a team number. You can see your team numbers by going to Head Coach Dashboard -> Register/Update Teams and the Team number is in the first column.

Adding Students to a Team:

In order for your team members to compete, the students must be added to the roster. This is done by going to the Head Coach dashboard and clicking on “Submit Student/Team Roster.” Type in the names and grades of your students. The login ID will be automatically generated for each student and they will be able to log in using the login ID. Please provide your student their login ID, first name, and last name that you entered so they can log in. The login ID, first name, and last name you submit must match what they submit.

Assigning Students to Events:

From the Student/Team Roster page, click on “Students to Teams” to assign your students to the corresponding team. This step is still needed even if your school only has one team. Once that has been completed, you can click on “Students to Events” to assign events to the students. This step must be done in order for the students to compete on tournament day.

Student Log In:

Prior to the tournament, students should create their account on (SD teams use by visiting the web page and clicking on “Tournament” tab, “Student Dashboard”, then click either “Take online tests using Login ID.” If this is their first time, they will need to enter the Login ID, their first name and last name to create the account, then enter their password. After that, they can login using simply their Login ID and password.


Students will need to fill out release forms. The release forms will be available after Saturday, February 19, 11:59 PM PST. More information will be sent out this weekend.

Principal Verifications:

From the Student/Team Roster page, click on “Principal Certification.” Once this is signed, please upload this by going to the Head Coach Dashboard and click on “Upload Documents” and choose the Document Type as “Team Roster”


As a reminder, if not already allowed, each individual participant can have a personal set of reference materials (e.g., binders, single sheets of paper), calculator, or other academic resource as specified in the specific event rule for use during the competition to facilitate social distancing, isolation, and to prevent resource sharing. Personal sets of resource materials must meet all the criteria established in the specific event rule.

Teams can decide how they want to arrange their resources as they best understand the circumstances under which they are competing and what their overall strategy might be. Using Anatomy & Physiology as an example, each partner may choose to have two different sets of notes so Partner A tackles all the muscle questions and Partner B tackles all the skeleton questions.

Please note that all resources used must still follow the event rules (e.g. in the form of binders, note sheets, etc.) With the exception of Astronomy which allows a computer/tablet as resources, notes in general cannot be in a digital format. We understand the cost and burden on teams to create a new binder, especially for such an early tournament. We ask that teams follow this rule to be equitable to all teams.

Collaboration During Tournament:

Partners are welcomed to use the built-in text-based chat in to communicate with their partner(s) during the event. Teams are also permitted to use other forms of communications unless otherwise prohibited by coaches and/or school districts. Make sure computers are able to run selected communication formats.


All teams (except for SD) have been moved to the SoCal Joint Regional tournament on Scilympiad. Team numbers have been assigned to all teams (including SD).

Digital Structures B/C, Detector Building C, Helicopters B/C, and the written portion of Sounds of Music C will not be scheduled; they will be available for the students to compete in anytime during the tournaments from 8:00 AM to 4:20 PM. Please note that for Detector Building and Sounds of Music, teams from the same school must take the tests at approximately the same time, so please coordinate/have your students coordinate a start time for all teams. Please see the updated regional schedule.

[M] Mission Possible B, [M] Mousetrap Vehicle B, [M] Gravity Vehicle C, and the hands-on portion of Sounds of Music C will be self-scheduled via ESUS. Signups will be open on Tuesday, 2/16 at 5:00 PM and close on Wednesday, 2/24 at 11:00 PM. One of the coaches from each school should have received an email yesterday from with their login information for ESUS; if you can not find the email, please let Kevin Kha know.


The number of alternates is different this year. The maximum number of alternates (12 in Division B, 14 in Division C).

Additionally, for Protein Modeling C, the three papers that competitors need to review for Regional and State competitions have been uploaded and are linked in the Events and Modifications document.


Our annual Coaches’ Meeting will be this Saturday, November 14, 2020 from 10am to 12pm. The information will be for Division B & C coaches about our Regional Tournament on February 27, 2021. Division A information will be coming out soon. In preparation for our meeting, please register your school at if you have not done so. We will be talking about the features of this site at the meeting. Also, please complete the survey before the meeting; the link is on the agenda emailed to you.


Virtual Country-wide Scilympiad Practice 2 (Mini SO)

December 19, 2020

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST (No testing blocks)

Registration opens November 23, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST


Registration for this year’s tournament has begun. This year’s virtual Mini Tournament for Divisions B & C will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021. Division A Mini Tournament will be held at a later date.

Registration will close on Friday, January 29, 2021. Register at

Events are being modified to accommodate the virtual platform. Event information can be found at “Codebusters” will replace “Game On” in both regional and state tournaments.

Our annual Coaches’ Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 14 from 10am-12pm. Please send any questions you may have so we can have answers ready for you at that time. As we receive information on workshops and event updates, we will continue to send them out to you.

The awards ceremony will be held on March 6, 2021. Medals and trophies will be sent to the head coach after that date.

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, or know of someone who should be added, please let us know.


Welcome back to the start of another school year! Registration for Science Olympiad is now open ( and we have some exciting news to share:

· To accommodate distance learning, all Regional Tournaments and the State Tournament in Southern California this year will follow the Mini Science Olympiad model where students compete from home.

· To support our teams, we have lowered the membership dues to $260 per team.

· To accommodate more students who will not be able to participate in their normal extracurricular activities, we have removed the limit on the number of teams per school that can participate at our tournament.

The 2020-2021 Official rules are now available for free at We will be announcing the events for our tournaments after reviewing the alternate events recommended by the National Science Olympiad.


New Coaches Google Group:!forum/scienceolympiadcoaches Student Forum and Sample Tests:

New Student Discord Discussion Chat:

Don’t forget to also sign up for the following:

BEARSO Invitational ( on Sat, Oct 10: Invitational Tournaments are practices for your teams and do not have impact on Regional or State standing. This invitational is run by alumni and National Event Supervisors and it’s a great way to find out what tournaments will look like this year.

MySO ( a 9-month, calendar-based set of activities and tests to keep individual students engaged in Science Olympiad at home, at school and afterschool. Students participate in the team tournament concurrently with MySO.

Online Coaching Workshop Series:

The National Science Olympiad Office will be hosting an 8-hour Online Coaching Workshop Series that will run on 4 Saturdays this fall (9/19, 9/26, 10/17, 10/24). Registration is $100 and is available at